YOLO Banana

Pop Up Dessert Bar


It started off innocently, as so many wild ideas do. We wanted to create a gift for an upcoming Burning Man celebration. And, the first idea that came to mind was simply giving away bananas. Easy enough, right? Well, within a few minutes that simple notion quickly morphed and altered into a Seussian brand concept that is equal parts culinary and crazy.


Concept and Design

We decided to create a dessert cart that would allow us to move around the camp site, bringing banana joy to one and all. The flavors for our confections went beyond the standard Bluth fare and included exotic ingredients like smoked salt, coconut, and scorched honey harvested from the family farm. After dubbing the enterprise YOLO Banana, we developed a playful visual identity that included an iconographic pattern and bright tropical colors. And, with reclaimed utility cart as our basic frame, we built a whimsical yet rugged mobile eatery.


Time for more bananas

During our first event we gave away over 200 treats - running out in less than an hour. After hearing tell about the success, Lost Arts invited us to take part in their Lost Festival. We realized we were onto something, so we built a website and created laser etched business cards to help YOLO Banana brand grow. Today, it's a fun side hustle - popping up at gallery openings, weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, anniversaries, bachelorette outings, obligatory corporate events and more. 


Brand Strategy & Identity / Naming / Writing / Art Direction / Design & Fabrication / Lasercutting / Product Development / Project Management