What We Do

The digital world is undeniable. But, real world experiences are essential. Great Wide Open works at a new frontier where storytelling and craftsmanship converge to create these meaningful, lived brand experiences. We help our clients spark an idea and bring it to life through branding, experiential design, and custom fabrication. 




We help companies clarify their vision, connect with their audience and grow their business. 


  • Brand Strategy & Identity

  • Naming

  • Writing

  • Visual Design

  • Art Direction

  • Photography & Direction



  • Event Curation & Production

  • Pop-Up Experiences

  • Design & Installation


We produce everything from art exhibitions and warehouse parties to private concerts and intimate dinners. 



  • Prototyping

  • 3D Modeling & Fabrication

  • Electronic Design & Build

  • CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing)


We design and construct ambitious objects that challenge convention and function beautifully.