coffee table

Aaron Tucker


Salvaged wood for the Peoria Street project is repurposed to create a coffee table top paired with gas pipe legs to create simple, functional coffee table. 



For the table top, two boards will be married together with dominos and glue. Based on the board length we've been using and depending on the boards' checking/splitting patterns, we could be able to get the entire top from one board. The board would be combed over with a metal detector and "de-metaled". Once cut in two equal length pieces, it will be planed down to thickness with the intention of making them as thick as possible (~2.5"-3") while getting them planed flat. Seeing this wood both coated in resin with its paint and seeing it planed down to its natural grain, I strongly feel we should go the route of the natural grain finish and weatherize it for outdoor use.

Then we'll attach the base. 3/4" gas pipe legs will be created with a two cross braces diagonally spanning the length of the table. The pipe will be painted black to match the existing tables.

The height to the top of the table will be 15" from the floor and the table top's 1:3 ratio measures 20" x 60".










Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. You can reach us at