Sojourn fare

Computer Controlled Farming


Sojourn Fare is about building the future we want, rather than accepting the one we’ll be given. We are doing this by building hardware and software that automates and assists the process of cultivating mushrooms. The technology we are inventing leads to a future where everyone can harness modular, off the grid farming.


the nature of things

Sojourn Fare had its humble beginnings in a the spare bedroom of a Chicago apartment. The first step was to get into the mind of the mycelium and figure out what makes this finicky organism grow consistently. By the end of this stage, we understood the mycelium and its needs. We also began to realized how technology could transform the cultivation process.


cultivation and COMPUTATION

We spent endless days and nights fiddling with Raspberry Pi, modifiers, sensors and then building a codebase to run each element in tandem. After multiple prototypes, we created a stable unit and partnered with the Google Chicago to test our prototype in their cafeteria. For six months, our unit produced seven pounds of mushrooms every week. This was our proof of concept.


Growing Beyond

Next we expanded to build a reach-in display cooler capable of growing upwards of fifty pounds per week. We ate King Oysters for days. While this unit has been a great success, it is mere novelty. We realized that more is needed to achieve off the grid farming. We need to go even bigger.


The next phase

The reality of product market fit has become evident. A modular farm system paired with a mobile app and a substrate production support system is the way to make mushrooms more accessible. Today, as we continue to evolve and fine-tune our system, we're exploring new ways to manifest this vision. If you're interested in learning more, check out  


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