RED BULL Connect



How do people connect at one of music's largest festivals? Red Bull Connect uses physical experiences to connect people across Lollapalooza and beyond.


idea one: the game show


The idea

Festival goers interact with others as they compete in a game show hosted by a Red Bull athlete. 

The Design

An elevated structure that allows the user to step out of the current moment an up into the experience. The acrylic walls dampen external sound (and glare) while giving the players in other pods a clear, high angle view of each others' surroundings. Controllable LED lights in the cross sections allows us to light up the portal as each round of the game goes by and can also be used as a signal or an audio-reactive visual display.

The core materials for this design includes treated wood, high gloss paint, acrylic panels, LEDs. Together, they would create a clean, modern, portal-esque feel.


idea two: hack my lolla


The idea

Red Bull Pit Stops help you "get the most out of Lolla" by helping you get through whatever's in your way. Our pods are havens, stocked with the essentials - from wet wipes to ear plugs. Come to repair, relax and recharge.

The Design

Large geometric shapes created from natural wood are layered and woven to create a haven-like environment. Inside, there are spots for sitting, connecting, and recharging. Open doorway for walking in while window openings allow for views to the surrounding crowds and stages, with optional sheets of clear acrylic overlays dampens the noise. LEDs light the portal and can be used as visual displays or signals.

The core material for this design is treated natural lumber. This creates an organic, modern vibe.


Design Concept for existing customer experience

Moon Tents & igloos


For a total immersive experience, a clear igloo or moon tent setup would be an great housing structure to use for clear views, light-weight build and the potential to turn them into a dope audio-reactive, glowing orb visual display at night.



Window walls


A bit more polished four-sided enclosure with two clear sides. This creates shade for users and reduces screen glare, while giving a light and open feeling and making our presence more of a window than a door.



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