Hall of Breakfast



We're thrilled to turn the most important meal of the day into an extraordinary, immersive experience. Explore the plans below to see how we'll design key chapters of this event.


Ball Pit Sketches


Top View

The ball pit is sized at 3'x6' internal dimensions, and roughly 4'x7' external. From the top view we see a 6" border and a grid pattern of support, upon which a 3'x6' piece of white, translucent acrylic (not pictured) will sit at the base. Within each square grid, LED tape lighting will be lined. This lighting will be all wired in series and be coded to be reactive to the music.


The front view shows our 2' foot tall ball pit edge with rectangular insets filled with LED light tape as well. This concept is better described in the tear away view below.


The side view shows a single rectangular lit inset at the end of the ball pit.



In this view we see the sum of the parts making up the wall of the ball pit. 2x4" framing creates the inner and outer most wall supports. Internally, cladded with the same translucent white acrylic on the inside of the pit. Inside of those 2x4" frames, once again, is LED tape lining. Sandwiched between the inner and outer frames, is a 1/2" piece of plywood painted white on both sides for reflectivity. The outer frame, like the inner frame is lined with LED tape, and also has a mount in its center that is lined with tape and finally cladded around its perimeter and its center with hardboard, painted as defined in the mood board.


Detail 1

A corner angle sketch of the inside of the grid of support wood, lined with LED tape and topped by white, translucent acrylic.

Detail 2

The side view of an individual grid square of support wood, lined with LEDs and topped by acrylic. 




TOP View

Eight layers of foam will create the cavelike entrance into our icebox. LED lighting will be attached to the backside parameter of each layer in order to create the perfect effect.

front View

We'll create multiple layers of foam, forming them into geometric shapes that get smaller as the guests move through them. This design will maintain building code for a door opening. The layers will be painted in the cool tones defined in the mood board.

Side View

10' tall board will be mounted 2' apart to create depth and allow the lighting effects to create a chilling effect as you go deeper into the ice box.


Once inside the icebox, the ice wall texture will be achieved with coating the walls in drywall mud and texturing it by hand to give the look of a freezer that needs defrosting. See HOB mood board for example.



Cross section View

  1. The inside of the donut will be CNC in two parts from wood to give us a strong, rigid core to begin with. Those two parts will be married together to give us our donut shape.
  2. A coating of resin mixed with paint will be used to give us our donut's brown color.
  3. Next a moldable foam will be used to give us our frosting, which will be painted pink by hand.
  4. Individual sprinkles will be added on top of our foam.
  5. The sprinkles will be hand painted.
  6. A top coating of clear resin will be added for durability and resilience.
  7. An oversized rope will be used to hang it with, indicative of old fashioned tire swings.



  1. We will fabricate a metal slide that is double wide to fit two people at the same time.
  2. It will sit on a bacon red astro turf bump up
  3. Underneath the turf, 1/2" plywood will create our underlayment
  4. 2x4" structural supports every 2 feet will hold it all up.


A large portion of the bump up will be astro turf for people to walk up and slide down. The slide will mount directly to the top of the bump up. There are still some unknowns here related to size and scale that will be answered once the space, room dimensions and layout are determined. 


Cereal TUBES


  1. Black wood caps will top the tubes. CNC'd circular grooves will make the caps a perfect fit.
  2. 6 foot tall, 12" diameter acrylic tubes will be lined up awaiting the cereals of your choice.
  3. A black wooden base with circular grooves CNC'd into them, along with a circular inner diameter bump up to give the tubes structure.


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. You can reach me at roman@greatwideopen.co or 513.532.7332