Gum Crayola Twist Toothbrush Concepts

For Sunstar


1. Crayola Twist Doodle Brush

The Crayola Twist Doodle Toothbrush has a comfortable handle that houses a washable, nontoxic crayon, allowing kids to create drawings and write messages on the bathroom mirror. The illustrations from this toothbrush, which comes in six colors, can be easily erased with a washcloth so kids can keep creating everytime they brush.   

  • Brush looks like Crayola Twist

  • Bottom twist reveals a washable, dry erase marker

  • Comes in six colors


2. Crayola Twist Twisted Brush

This toothbrush celebrates the Crayola Twist product line with a sculptural, twisted handle. The bristles on the single mold brush feature silicon helix shapes that amplify the overall energy of the design.

  • One (or two) crayon(s) that twist around and stretch into the toothbrush neck and brush

  • Single molded brush

  • Twisted silicone bristles

  • Toothbrush handle looks like a crayon that has been twisted and sculpted


3. Crayola Twistbrush

The Crayola Twistbrush stores and dispenses colorful toothpaste. When kids brush, they twist a knob at the bottom of the handle to release the right amount of toothpaste into the brush bristles. The toothbrush head connects to a removable handle that parents refill with toothpaste as needed.

  • Handle looks like a crayola crayon